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Frequently Asked Questions


Jammers Basketball FAQ’s [Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: Who are the Jammers?
A: The Jammers Basketball is a select team basketball focused organization. The organization is based in Georgetown, Texas. The Jammers is a volunteer non-profit organization that offers both boys and girls a great atmosphere for honing their basketball skills through professional coaching and competing in quality tournaments throughout the United States. We field both girls and boys teams from 10u through 17U (Varsity).

Q: Explain your program's philosophy.
A: Our program is designed to offer the following:

  • Give athletes an opportunity to play competitive basketball at an affordable price.
  • Our priority is to provide an intense yet positive atmosphere.
  • Teach sound basketball fundamentals and team skills.
  • Give the players the experience of competing against the best.
  • Provide an environment for players to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Aid the players in competing in their high school programs.
  • Offer college exposure by playing in national events.
  • Create an atmosphere of teamwork that leads to a rewarding. experience.
  • Provide maximum recruiting exposure for those players wishing to take their game to the college ranks.

Q: Do the Jammers have 'parent' coaches?
A: No. Jammers coaches are professionally trained coaches with appropriate background and training. This is not to say parent coaches are unprofessional, but is to say our philosophy is parents are the very best fans the kids have and we need to fulfill that role. 

Q: Do the Jammers have 'player' coaches?
A: Rarely and then only exceptional players focused on teaching younger age groups fundamentals. These player coaches are supervised and mentored throughout the season.

Q: What are the age cut-offs?
A: Any player competing in a specific age division must remain in that same age division for any given tournament. On our Player Sign Up page you will find links to AAU which calculate the age group for your player. Generally we group our players by age grade.

Q: What is the cost for participation in the Jammers?
A: The direct cost for participation in our program varies for each age group. Team fees are based on fixed expenses plus the number of tournaments. Typically, fees range from $600.00 for our younger teams to $650.00 for our high school teams. The higher fees for high school players are due to playing in exposure type tournaments which also have the most expensive registration fees. The player participation fee goes towards club expenses such as, gym fees, tournament registrations, coaching, insurance, etc. The AAU card with benefits, any costs associated with travel, lodging, food, shoes, socks, etc. are NOT covered by the player fee and are the individual players responsibility

Q: Are discounts for multiple players from a single family available?
A: Yes. Families with two players will recieve a 10% discount off total player participation fees, and families with 3 or more players will recieve a 15% discount off total player participation fees.

Q: Are the uniforms and other equipment players are issued covered by of the player participation fee? Are the uniforms and equipment items the players can keep?
A: No - uniforms are not purchased by a player as a part of this fee. Uniforms are provided on a 'loan' basis by the club, but at all times remain the property of the club. Therefore, uniforms are not to be kept by a player and must be returned immediately upon seperation from the club, or before the last game of the season (set of uniforms not being worn in last game) and immediately following the last game of the season (set worn in last game).

Q: When is the player participation fee due?
A: The total registration fee is due no later than the start of the first team practice. Those wishing to do so may complete a form requesting an installment payment plan for fees. You may find a form for payment plan requests on the Player Sign Up page.

Q: Are players required to execute contracts requiring them to play for the Jammers?
A: No. Players, or the parents and gaurdians of players, are NOT asked to execute a contract committing to play for the Jammers. All documents we require be executed by players or parents are posted on our website for all to view. We believe in transparency as to the expectations of all parties is the best policy.

Q: How do I sign up for a Jammers team if I am selected or invited?
A: You must complete the online Player Registration. To register online and pay with a credit card you may click on the Player Sign Up link on the Home Page. You may also select the 'pay later' option and remit payment via check or money order as noted.

Q: How are teams formed?
A. Teams are formed by tryout and invitation. We often learn about potential players through coach’s recommendations or player/parent inquiries, but our tryouts are very well attended and many players are selected through this process. Tryout information may be found at this link. Jammers coaches may watch you play on your current team and evaluate your skill level, or ask you to come practice with a Jammers team. Otherwise, players are selected via tryouts. Criteria used for selecting players include 2 point guards, 2 centers, 2 power forwards, etc. Each team will carry a minimum of 8 and generally not more than 11 full time players. (We emphasize a low player to coach ratio and provide as much instruction and playing time as possible.) Outstanding play, leadership, commitment, athletic ability, sportsmanship, and motivation are all qualities considered when selecting a player through tryout or invite.

Q: Does this program accept donations or sponsors?
A: Yes, we are always looking for donations or sponsorships to help defray the cost associated with the program. This program is a non-profit organization. Donations may be requested to be anonymous if so desired.

Q: What about playing time -- is there a guarantee?
A: No. All of the teams will be organized to be competitive. The Jammers program does NOT in any way guarantee equal playing time but tries to follow a 70/30 playing time guideline, circumstances permitting. Playing time is at the sole discretion of the coach and is based on attendance at practice, performance in the game, attitude, effort, match-ups, and game situations. Our focus is to balance playing time with winning, while putting the players on the floor that give us the best opportunity to win each game.

Q: When and where are practices held?
A: Practices are posted on our website and normally start around mid February for the younger teams and early March for older teams (Varisty and JV). Teams will practice in the Georgetown area and generally at GISD facilities. Each team may practice up to 2 times per week. Practices are 1½ to 2½ hours in length. Practice days and lengths vary by team.

Q: What if I don't see a team for my age group?
A: Please contact us to check on the status of the age group you are looking for. Entirely new teams are formed each year, in each age group. Please check back or inquire further with the Director of Club operations as to what teams are forming. You could be the 'one more player' required to form a team! Lists are kept of all inquiries, to assure the best opportunity to form a new team.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?
A: You can e-mail

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